a movement by women


Are you tired of fighting for basic reproductive rights? Wouldn't it be cool to be paid as much as your male counterparts? We wouldn’t be fighting for these things if we were included in the discussions that determine these very important laws and regulations. If we don’t have a seat at the table then we won’t be included in the discussion. It’s time for us to realize how powerful we are and become the leaders that determine our future.

Let’s redefine capitalist structures that keep us out of boardrooms and create work environments that work for us. It’s time to exercise our true economic power by supporting women owned businesses and socially responsible companies with a positive impact. Let’s close the pay gap and demand affordable childcare and paid family leave. We can bring our divided communities together by listening to each other’s voices. It’s time to heal by lifting each other up.


When sisters rise, we all rise.



We will inspire each other to get involved and focus on what really matters.

We will use our voices and platforms responsibly to support women and give back to our community.



our method


Form support groups to heal racial biases and empower each other to use our voices for social good.



Create art for our movement and publish a journal for our voice.



Use the proceeds from the sale of our art to support women's issues and get female candidates elected.